Getting started

I’m getting this first post out before I’ve familiarised myself with the dashboard and the rest of the back-end stuff but, what the hell, I have to start somewhere. That’s how I feel when I start making a new blanket – beginning with a humble little foundation chain and then slowly building in colour and contrast and new stitches. Making something beautiful and functional from nothing, one row at a time.

To be continued…



1 thought on “Getting started

  1. rowena

    Yay! Congratulations on new beginnings. I had no clue when I started on my blog, and picked it up as I went along; nobody seemed to mind, and it’s probably the best way to learn. The blanket reminds me of when I used to do lots of crochet and knitting. I hadn’t done any for years until a a couple of years ago when a friend asked me if I could show her young daughter how to crochet. It took me a few minutes of fiddling around before the memory returned to my fingers. It’s true; it’s something you never forget.


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