Back to tassels

I forgot how much I love making tassels until Anne reminded me the other day. Last night I foraged for beads and thread, and it all came back to me! Karen came round and worked on her blanket but we were both quite tired so it was an early-ish night.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Back to tassels

  1. Raquel

    Seriously cool tassels! You are most crafty-creative. Difficult question to answer in writing – how do you make the thread cord (dark pink bit) ? What are the beads threaded onto – fancy wire or what?

    1. jillgoldberg19 Post author

      Glad you like :) The dark pink cord is just a 10cm length of soft upholstery-type cord (very inexpensive) I buy from the haberdashery. For fancier tassels I make my own cord with bits of sparkly thread and silk mixed in. Loop the cord and pull it through a large bead with a sufficiently big hole, leaving a bit sticking out at the bottom – that’s the bit you stitch all the lengths of beads onto. I used to make up kits so will look for the instruction sheet for you and add it to tomorrow’s post. :)

  2. Michelle

    Lovely Blog Jill!! Look forward to reading lots more and seeing some pics of your mosaics… Especially the bathroom wall :-) Mich xx


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