Where my angels live

I came across this pallet on the side of the road walking from my car to the office one morning, a few years ago.  It was just lying there like a challenge -now what are you going to do with me, a grubby, abandoned piece of wood? Could you turn me into something useful, and possibly even attractive, for your own home? I had no immediate answer for the pallet but lugged it upstairs into my office all the same, where for several days I endured the ridicule of my colleagues (What the hell is that? Why on earth did you pick it up? What are you going to do with it?)

I believe the concept is called upcycling: the pallet got scrubbed, lightly sanded and varnished, and put up on a wall in my lounge. My angels live on the top, and Pappy Bulu’s ceramic masks hang across the bottom. What could be more perfect?

To be continued…


Thoughts or comments? You can tell me :-)

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