Geoffrey the elephant

Years ago, in a different life, I had a little needlecraft shop in Rondebosch.  One of the things I did was design and paint tapestry canvases, and I used to stitch up my own samples to encourage people to buy them. I think I made about 30 or 35 cushion covers in the end, and all except one are currently packed away at the top of my wardrobe.  Yesterday I found the photos that I was going to use to set up a website, but this was shortly before I closed the shop so I didn’t use them in the end.

I particularly liked stitching this elephant with his little dancing feet, because I could add lots of glittery shiny thread to his howdah blankie. I also used some thin silver cord to make stars.  I remember we called him Geoffrey, because it seemed like a good name at the time, but I think he is more of a Phillip.

To be continued…




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