The best little wool shop in Cape Town

My Saturday (yesterday) was much busier than I had anticipated, especially as we are in the middle of an ugly horrible revolting heat wave that saps the energy from my every bone and brain cell. Despite that, I managed to squeeze in a visit to my favourite wool shop, Orion Wool Studios, in Gardens.  Momentarily empty of customers (since, like I said, it was f for hot), I co-oerced Roger into having his picture taken.

I bought: Sirdar super chunky in sludge green (to finish crocheting a bag), Vinni’s hand-dyed organic cotton and bamboo mix in teal (to make a scarf for Alex as a surprise before she leaves on Wednesday for a year in London), and Vinni’s hand-dyed silk bamboo in mustard (for I don’t know what, some sort of experiment, I guess; couldn’t resist the colour).

I already have a lot of wool at home. It is packed into boxes and sacks under my bed, in an old pine toybox, in all the wardrobes in my spare room, at the top of Alex’s wardrobe (she doesn’t even know), the ‘linen’ cupboard in the passage, and my garage.  Rob once shook his head at the mad hoardiness of it all and asked if it wouldn’t go off at some point. No, I laughed, wool isn’t like milk or bread, it will NEVER go off. And I still laugh about that every time I drive off from Roger’s shop with more stash in the boot…

To be continued…   


15 thoughts on “The best little wool shop in Cape Town

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  3. Deanne

    Hi – I am looking for a couple of balls of elle Marco – touch the countryside – white — thanks Deanne 0729279169

  4. Kiki

    Hi Jill
    I have been to this store before and found it wonderful, but being rather new to knitting AND to Cape Town, I wasn’t sure if it was the best value for money. I’m considering going to Global Textiles in Tokai as I assumed a bigger store will have better prices. Can you advise me on this? I really like Orion Wool but I also need to be budget conscious…


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