Angels fly…because they take themselves lightly

Before I had a cell phone, this would have been my version of a text message.

I don’t think I have the patience to stitch a whole needlepoint cushion cover any more, I’m more into crafts that give me a quicker return on my creative investment and what little energy I have left over after a day in the office.  But if I did, and if I still had canvas and tapestry wool packed away somewhere, and if the mood took me, I would make a cushion for Alex that says “Love many, trust few. Learn to row your own canoe.” I can’t remember who wrote that but it has stuck with me ever since I came across it in a design book by Candace Bahouth.

To be continued…




2 thoughts on “Angels fly…because they take themselves lightly

  1. Fiona

    I love it! One of my absolutely favourite ‘thoughts’!! And you’ve done it so beautifully – MUCH better than a text message!


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