Angry cloths and more buttons than you can count

There is only one place to go in Cape Town for buttons. It’s called Kwaai Lappies, which is Afrikaans for Angry Cloths (literally) or Cool Clothes (slang).  It’s hard to get out once you’re in because your eye is constantly drawn by something you didn’t see before and probably just have to have. You aren’t necessarily sure why, but you’ll definitely be able to use it for something at some point, right? They have more stuff than you can dream of, and plenty you didn’t. I got buttons, buckles, fabric flowers and beads.  I also got a bad attitude from the saleswoman, who was not pleased that she had to count all the buttons I wanted. I don’t buy them in fives or tens, you see, I just take the whole tub (and there were a lot of tubs). I could have been helpful and suggest that she count out 20, weigh them, and then weigh the whole lot and work out the price that way. But she was too rude to take advice from me, so I waited in an attitude of humble apology while she made a meal of it. 

Maybe she was just having a bad day and it’s over now. I really hope so because, funnily enough, I have to go back there later this morning. I just realised I need more stuff.

To be continued…



2 thoughts on “Angry cloths and more buttons than you can count

  1. Jill Goldberg Post author

    They open at 6.30am and close at 3, which is actually very useful. They are on Main Road Salt River, on the left if you’re heading towards town. I’m not sure what the name of the closest road is (which isn’t very helpful, sorry) but they’re on the corner just before a black building with FACTORY SHOP painted in white. Payment is cash only. And if you go to the left when you get inside, in the direction of the fabrics, there is also another funny little room with EVEN MORE STUFF inside. I found those things you stick on the end of curtain rails and tie backs, can’t think of name now, and I’m going to use them in my mosaics.
    Thanks for reading. It’s nice to know you’re out there :)


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