From someone else’s dustbin

I was immersed in my passion for mosaicing a couple of years ago when Alex brought home what seemed to be a long narrow tray or possibly a drawer, made of wood, stained with ink and pretty dirty. It was an early Sunday evening, and she and a couple of friends had walked down our road to the park for a bit. Coming back, she noticed something sticking out of someone’s dustbin (our rubbish men come early Monday mornings) and went to investigate. Eeuew, what are you doing scrabbling in the bin, nutcase? the friends asked. Alex: You don’t know my mother – she’ll mosaic anything that doesn’t move.

And that is the story of the orange wall decoration in this photo. We put little candles in it once, it looked beautiful.  I feel I have taught my daughter a very valuable life lesson — don’t ignore other people’s junk, look at it from a different perspective and ask yourself, Now what could my mother do with this? 

To be continued… 



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