Fledge handmade market

Yesterday was the second Fledge@ the Fringe Market in Harrington Square in town. Anne and Megan picked me up and we got there just after 10h00. My first impression was gobsmacked-ness by the gorgeous baroque building that houses Charly’s Bakery at the north side of the square, which presided over the market like an over-decorated cake at a barmitzvah. What, you’ve never been to Charly’s before? my companions scoffed. What can I say? I clearly don’t get out much.

The market was fabulous – extremely well-organised, stunning displays and products of superior quality and original design, plenty of room for buyers, and a wonderfully aroma-ed coffee stand that I never quite seemed able to reach because I was constantly side-tracked by all the STUFF there was to look at. There is so much creative talent out there, it blew me away. I managed to restrain myself from spending a whole months’ salary in one go, and bought a beautiful shabby chic (shabby shabby?) chalkboard and three brooches.

The rabbit brooch in the middle is made from the lid of a jam jar, and the text is Pink milk is my favourite and my best. The person who made it even took the trouble to stitch  a pink felt heart on the back under the brooch pin, like a little secret.

We were so inspired by what we saw that we’re going to apply for a stand ourselves at the next market, scheduled for some time in April. We are, after all, the jam tarts girls. See our facebook page :-) http://www.facebook.com/JamTarts4

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Fledge handmade market

  1. Patch

    The crochet flower on the left is very similar to the ones I bought at the school christmas fair which started me off on my recent crochet addiction!!

  2. Jill Goldberg Post author

    Yes, I read what you wrote about the beginning of your addiction :-) I wore that brooch today to meet a friend for coffee and a bit of a shop. I didn’t see anything else as nice anywhere. My daughter often asks me why I bought something handmade by someone else since I could probably make it myself (some things yes, some not!) but I like to remind myself that there are hundreds of other people out there toiling away and getting excited over their creations, and it’s inspiring.


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