Celestial Creations


When I first went into Celestial Creations,  Geraldine and Calvin’s craft shop in Sedgefield, I was like a child in a sweet shop. It’s only been open for 9 months, but the shop is already well-stocked with raw materials (for beading, mosaicing, sewing, etc….) as well as finished products. A lot of beads, earrings and even a preserved rose (bought for me by Rob) later, I left with new ideas and new friends.

This table is not for sale. Calvin made it himself and is justifiably proud of it.  For now it functions to keep the door open; I thought it was charming. I wish them lots of luck and success with their shop – it’s not always easy keeping a venture like this going in tough economic times, but creativity and hard work will go a long way. I have a feeling they’ll still be there the next time I get myself to that part of the world.    

To be continued…

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