Cape dwarves

I hope you didn’t think from the heading that today’s blog was going to be about anything other than these wonderful chameleons, indigenous to the western Cape.  Anne took this photo in her garden in Mowbray this morning, and it reminded me of two cushions I designed and stitched many years ago, and which now live in Rob’s lounge.

I have the occasional chameleon visitor in my garden but my neighbour Isabella  tells me that they used to be much more regular and frequent. I suppose cats and birds go for them, seeing through their clever disguise, but they are also vulnerable to the insect and snail poisons that people use these days.  I haven’t used snail bait for ages and put out a saucer of beer every now and then instead, which does the trick, and I’ve also been known to prowl around the garden at night with a torch when it looks like they’re really taking over. Boy, have I got off the track here!

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Cape dwarves

  1. Patch

    The cushions are lovely. Funnily enough we were just stroking some of these little guys larger relatives today – we were on a “dragon” hunt at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.


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