Purpose unknown…

Don’t ask me why but, for the last week or so, I have been hung up on the idea of combining traditional shweshwe cotton with textured knitting.  With very little sense of direction (i.e. absolutely no idea what these things are going to turn into!), I have knitted rectangles in a variety of colours and sizes and gauges, and then laid them out with different bits of fabric on my bed. The orange thing looks like it might become a bag, especially as I found a piece of plaited belt that would work well as a strap.  Blue Thing might also become a bag, but it won’t be as useful a size as Orange Thing so may end up as … a large pincushion? A cat pillow? The centre panel for a scarf (if i unstitch the seams…)? A duvet cover for the neighbour’s daughter’s barbie? Ah well, I’ll put it down to experimentation and let the idea stew for a while. Suggestions welcome!

To be continued…



2 thoughts on “Purpose unknown…

  1. trishkins69

    The colours certainly work and the knitting looks soft and fluffy. I like the combination of textures. Definitely interesting. Looks bag like to me too. Could it be reversible??


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