Vintage bed socks

The more academic and intellectual of my friends always express shock and disbelief when I tell them that I love watching Sewende Laan (7th Avenue), our local soapie, and try never to miss an episode — 6.30pm Mondays to Fridays on SABC2, or the ‘omnibus’ on Sunday afternoon. In my defence I usually mutter something about cultural materialism or the semiotic analysis of pop culture icons or media genre theory, but the truth is that I care far more about how Dalene is going to cope with that low-life Gary, whether Paula and Marco can get over their egos and make a go of things, and what will happen if Bonita and Vince extend their mortgage to buy the house they want and then can’t afford the repayments.

One of the characters is Hilda, whose creative interests lie in food origami (I know, right!?) and knitting. Last night she told Dale that she wanted to knit bed socks for the chap who always does the deli’s cheese deliveries, and together they picked out lime green, mustard yellow and a luminous pink. I was immediately inspired and rushed off to google a pattern.  There are thousands, of course, but this one is very appealing to me, maybe because it’s the kind of thing my nanna or one of her friends would have made.  Now, colours? hmmmm <thinks>….

To be continued…




Thoughts or comments? You can tell me :-)

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