and another Goldberg

One of the very first things I like to do when visiting a new place is to check out the local wool and craft shops.  More than restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries – for me, a well-stocked needlework shop is an indication of the creative spirit of the town.  And The Wool and Needlework Shop in Knysna didn’t let me down. Tucked between Marcia’s fancy frocks and Fat Susi’s Bistro in the little square near the library, it was a wonderful place to be.  I was in search of crochet patterns for wraps and shrugs, and was handed a stack of files with patterns from magazines going back 30 or 40 years.

There was a cappucino waiting for me outside at one of Fat Susi’s tables so I couldn’t take too long, but I found what I needed.  And when the chatty lady rang up my purchases, we discovered we shared the same surname.  Unlike me, Elaine Goldberg really is Jewish, but despite my lack of authenticity she was still happy to play the family game – So are you related to David Goldberg? He lives in Cape Town but his sister Rebecca married a Cohen and now they’re in Toronto… Melvin, you say? Now you must know Rachel and Michael, her dad was Hymie Gundelfinger…. etc. Gotta love a network.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “and another Goldberg

    1. Jill Goldberg Post author

      It is indeed! One of the girls at my school was Jackie Gundelfinger, which is only funny because this was St Teresa’s Convent, a solid Catholic institution upheld by the vigilant Sisters of Mercy, and we were all envious of her because she was allowed to be by herself in the library or the rose garden while the rest of us had to trek off to Friday confession or church duties….


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