the gift that keeps on growing

My interest in garden management has dwindled very noticeably over the recent summer months. My little patch is looking weedy and sad and dry, and the only plants that have survived are a big and bossy bunch of indigenous barleria. Luckily, they are both indifferent and prolific. My kind of plant.

So, when I was at Kirstenbosch market on Sunday, faced with the huge array of gorgeous petunias, delicate lobelias and pretty pansies that is GiftGardens, I knew it would have been ludicrous to buy myself anything that would have to try and survive on its own outside.  May as well drop my money down a wishing well or use the paper for papier mache.  But then I saw the herbs.  Herbs will save me from complete defeat, I thought, they are already erect, green and shapely.  They won’t need much water. I can keep them on the windowsill, safe from neglect and the dangers of cutworm and hadedas. I can win with herbs.  I can even eat them. 

So far so good. I have a menàge a trois on my kitchen windowsill of parsley, thyme and rosemary, in little organic pots that can be plonked straight into the ground should my herbs ever get too big for their roots.

Giftgardens is run by sisters Mary Berry and Jane Butters. Have a look at their website The free publicity they are getting from me here, with my internationally-known blog, has nothing to do with the fact that they are old school friends, and everything to do with their energy and vision and … cute little HERBS!

To be continued…


1 thought on “the gift that keeps on growing

  1. Patch

    I am very good at killing plants normally. Mr Patch reckons all the plants in the garden centre scream when I walk in! I seem a bit better since we moved, luckily because the lady who used to live here left us lots of house plants and the garden is bigger. So good luck with your herbs!


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