fishing for…time?

No time to concentrate on coming up with a decent blog this week – am really pushed for time getting ready for the Jam Tarts open day a week on Saturday –  we’ve invited everyone we know, and the last thing I want to hear people think is, Really? Is this it? So, I glue, I mould, I stitch, I stick, I paint, I shape, I hustle…My kitchen looks like Santa’s elves’ workshop, and my lounge looks like I don’t even know what, just a huge shambles.  Even my bedroom is bad – I woke up with 2 buttons under me this morning, and then stubbed my toe on a stack of semi-ready mirror frames on my way to the bathroom.

So, here is a picture of some fish. I did them in cross stitch a long long time ago, and found the old oak frame in a junk shop under layers of black enamel. Scraped it down, stretched the fish, and voilà. Please note that one of the little guys is swimming against the current. That one is me right now.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “fishing for…time?

  1. Patch

    At least there is a good reason for finding buttons in your bed. I usually find small cars in mine because a small person has been playing there!! Or worse… Lego! Take lots of pictures on the day, won’t you. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  2. Jill Goldberg Post author

    The husband of my friend Karen (also one of the Jam Tarts crew) once woke up with a threaded needle sticking in his back. He was really mad! I will definitely take photos – hold thumbs :)


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