desperately seeking Lorna

Have you ever done this – gone to a market Just To Look? with the intention of Not Spending Any Money At All? just to check out What Other People Are Up To?  Me neither.

At Kirstenbosch market last Sunday I found someone I feel I’ve been looking for for a long time without really knowing it. Lorna of Balela Buttons makes the most exquisite ceramic buttons, mosaic inserts, jewellery, mobiles, brooches… you name it. Delicate, fragile, beautifully painted with a deceptively simple style. I managed to not spend all my cash with her in one go, although the temptation was there.  I’m going to put these two hearts on silk ribbon and wear them. The daisies will form part of one of the mosaics currently in progress, and the pansy is just because it’s a pansy.

The silly thing was that, even though I was so excited to find these treasures and got Lorna’s contact details on a piece of card, I managed to mislay the card between the trip to the market and the time I got home to unpack my prizes. (Yes, there were others. See pink ring below for one).

That afternoon I met my writers group at Cubana and mentioned Lorna to Fiona who, serendipitously, knew exactly who I was talking about.  Actually, I think my friend Vxxxxx might have some of her buttons, she said, and lo and behold, a couple of hours later she mailed me with Lorna’s phone number. Happiness!

Lorna has a blog, balelabuttons at blogspot. You’ll find me there, too, having a good look around:)

To be continued…



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