Hue and cry

I made this blanket for my neighbours, Jo and Jurgen, when they were expecting their second baby eighteen months ago. I knew it was a boy, but I loved the bright pink so much with the other colours that I couldn’t leave it out. I was fairly sure that neither J nor J would be so conventional as to refuse to allow pink or anything else ridiculously (in my opinion) classified as “feminine” near their boy, but one can never be entirely sure.  Sometimes people still believe in the oddest things, and it bothers me enormously when antedeluvian notions like that are unquestioningly upheld. I had a quick squizz at a couple of articles about gender specific clothing and colours, this one is worth reading:

But who am I to care what other people do and don’t like for their own children? Just leave me out of it, and colour me different.

Funnily enough, this blog was originally going to be about trying to make a similar colourful and stripey blanket to Christopher’s in time for the Jam Tarts open day on Saturday.  Guess that’s not going to happen, unless I forego a couple of nights’ sleep.

To be continued…


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