The other day one of my colleagues commented on our Jam Tarts facebook page. It all looks so lovely, she said, I had absolutely no idea that people still knitted and crocheted

Alien concepts to me – not knitting?! not crocheting!? I mean, apart from a couple of other really important life things (reading, eating, sleeping), hand work keeps me going, keeps my brain turning, keeps my hands busy, sparks some sort of creative urge at the back of my middle-aged brain.  One of the most exciting places in the world is a wool shop. One of my favourite things to do is select yarn and needles or hook to make something for someone special. Like me. Or someone else I love. But quite often for me.

To be continued….

PS. Today’s photo has nothing to do with anything.  Alison brought me this huge bunch of gorgeous blooms recently when I was feeling low.  She’s a good friend, come to think of it …I wonder if she’d like a new scarf for winter…?


2 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Patch

    My friends that visited at the weekend teased me endlessly about being an old lady with my crochet! I guess it was alien to them too. I don’t care, I LOVE it!


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