Up before the birds

It’s not often that I get up this early, but today I was wide awake a good hour before my alarm was due to go off.  The cats were very pleased, anyway, because it meant they got an early breakfast without having to go to all the effort of yowling in my ear (Choccie) and kneading my inert body (Jessie).

I’ve been working on this round mirror for a while now, starting with modelling the hearts out of clay (weeks and weeks ago already) and treating them with podge and paint. Finally got to the first grouting stage last night, and now it’s time to rub and rub and see if the design comes together even vaguely how I had imagined it.  I wanted big fat gleaming hearts and sparkly silver bits and broken mirror to catch the light.  Getting there rub rub rub

To be continued…


Thoughts or comments? You can tell me :-)

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