(A-side) table

A side table or an aside-table? Either way, it makes me think Lily Pad, and it’s my First Mosaic Table.  I found it in a junk shop in Sedgefield last month, spotted it on top of a pile of other stuff as we were driving past.  After three and a half years, Rob has become expert at interpreting the tone and volume with which I yell Stop. It is a word he hears often: Stop – there’s a car coming! Stop – I want to look at that red dress in the window of the shop we just passed! Stop – I need to find a loo! Stop – there’s a pile of junk on the side of the road and I want to scrabble through it in case it yields something I can use! He has become an excellent stopper.

I love this table and don’t think I will be able to part with it, even though I have been getting it ready in time for Saturday’s open day and it would be wonderful if someone saw it and thought Ohmygod I have to have that. It has a cunning built-in coaster for one’s coffee mug. Mine, I think. 

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “(A-side) table

  1. Patch

    WOW! Just been over and had a peek at your Facebook page. You have been SO busy. What a lot of very beautiful things you have made. You are so very clever and talented. I so wish I could come to your open day. I shall be sending you good luck vibes instead. Hopefully you sell it all and come home with lots of pennies to buy more supplies to make more beautiful things!!

  2. Jill Goldberg

    Aw, thank you. Not all the things on facebook are mine, some are Anne’s and some are Karen’s (they do more knitty crochety stitchy things than I do) but we’re going to lump it altogether on Saturday and hope for the best. Will take lots of pics !


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