Lucinda’s infinity scarf

Do you ever start making something and after a few rows you think, Nah, this isn’t going to be right because ——————-(insert reason). And so you rip it out and start again, with a bigger/smaller hook, bigger/smaller needles, different wool, or more or less stitches. And then a bit later you think, Uh uh, still not right. So you undo it again and try one more time.  And the third time, when the beginning of your wool is now a lot thinner than the rest of the ball, you think, Oh forget it! This pattern is never going to work. And I didn’t want a new shrug/scarf/cardie anyway.  You rip it out again and tell yourself you will use the wool in the multi-coloured scrap blanket that you’ll make one day.


For once I am determined not to do this. A friend at work, Lucinda, made this stunning cowl-y scarf and brought it in to show me. It looked just like the picture, and she’d done it in a classy shade of claret. I immediately printed out the pattern and started it that very evening. I love the wool I am using, Elle Jewel DK, and I thought using a 4.5mm hook instead of the usual 4mm would make for a droopier ‘hang’, but now I’m not so sure. The colours have come out in solid bands, and the silver doesn’t show up as much as I’d hoped, and it looks nothing like Lucinda’s. But I’m tired of second-guessing myself: I’m just going to persevere and finish it. And if I don’t like it, maybe someone else will?

To be continued…


Thoughts or comments? You can tell me :-)

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