Grimace for the camera

Only someone who has tried to take a photo of themselves will know how stupid I felt last night doing this.  I wanted to show you my completed Bellflower infinity scarf, and hadn’t realised I’d been having a bad hair day until then. Still, I’m pleased with the scarf. Must make more – autumn on its way.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Grimace for the camera

  1. rowena

    I thought it was too warm for scarves in SA at the moment. That’s quite the sacrifice you’ve made in the name of blogging! You’re properly hooked now!

  2. Jill Goldberg Post author

    You’re right, we will only need our scarves by the end of April at the earliest, but the nights can get chilly. Okay, not chilly exactly, but nippy enough to warrant the bellflower. But when it’s WINTER and we get one of those dreadful Cape storms, we need plenty of extra wadding.
    Hooked indeed.

  3. Patch

    It looks great. When I have a bad hair day (which is quite often on way to school in the morning) I wear a hat… So you know what to make next ;)


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