Bowled over

The fog is lifting. Actually, it must have lifted during the night because I woke up today feeling like my old self. I’m grateful and happy and up-and-running again, and to celebrate have decided to go into work a bit later than usual (I get paid by the hour now, so I’m not stealing anyone’s time) and spend extra time on my own stuff.

I started this bowl yonks ago, and it got buried beneath a pile of newer projects. One of Alex’s friends said how much he liked it so, when I unearthed it the other day, I decided to take up where I left off. It just needs a final grout for over-all smoothness, then a final hard rub, but I stuck a little heart underneath so that’s drying right now.

I am also working on a mirror for a colleague; she’d seen a photograph of a turquoise and yellow one I’d done that was sitting in a gift shop in Harfield. Now it’s sitting in someone else’s lounge because, when I went to collect it last weekend, it had just been sold. Which is great, of course (wonderful, in fact!) but I had to put a new one together more quickly than usual. I couldn’t get exactly the same glowy yellow tiles that I had originally used, but I think these work even better – the difference in size adds interest. At least, that’s what I’ve told myself. Hopefully she’ll agree.

To be continued…



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