Happy Friday

Today after work I went to the art room at Springfield Convent in Wynberg to collect my glazed and fired platter, the one I couldn’t quite get right those few weeks ago in the clay workshop, you may remember? Well, my design is indeed skew but I’m still pleased with the final product, and I love the turquoise.  There is a tiny split in the clay at the edge in one place, but apparently some platters just don’t make it through the firing process at all, so I’m not bothered. I’m sure if I submerge the platter under enough cupcakes, no-one will even notice!

I took the liberty of taking some photos of other people’s work, including Dale’s own mosaic mirror and her beautiful little houses. 

Some of the other work is by the art learners at the school, so I guess some of them are as young as 12 or 13.  Pretty talented bunch!

This was the temperature in Cape Town this afternoon while I was on my travels:

So much for autumn. My scarves and hats will have to stay at the back of the wardrobe for a while yet.

To be continued…





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