Shawl up to you

Today I’d like your advice, please. I am still sewing in the ends of this shawl, which I had wanted to be ready in time for our next Kirstenbosch market a week tomorrow, BUT I can’t decide whether to add a crochet edging to it or not. The first shawl I did was in reds and pinks and oranges (and I think is still my favourite, but it went to a very good home so I’m okay with not having it to myself any more), and it didn’t have an edging. I detest fringing so that is not an option, but maybe a loose shell or a chunky picot?  All suggestions welcome.

Apologies for lousy photo quality – I was in a hurry! I’ll wait to hear from you. :-)

To be continued…


8 thoughts on “Shawl up to you

  1. Patch

    That is so gorgeous. I can’t quite imagine what it will be like with edging so I don’t know. (how rubbish am I?) I know you are sewing in the ends still but I rather like the slightly raggy unfinished look!!

  2. taraantonia

    I don’t think it needs a border. The shawl has a lot of interesting textures and colours already :D

  3. Janet

    I think any edging always gives a sense of completeness – the shawl is quite “chunky” so maybe even just a row of double crochet in the thinnest plainest yarn?

  4. vardi

    loved your other shawl! – so no – i dont think it needs a border of any sort! and i agree – definately no fringes!!!! its so interesting as it is! – gorgeous colours!

  5. lyndellmaree

    It’s has the colours of an ‘under the sea’ theme, with flecks of colour like fish or coral – just gorgeous :) So maybe a very delicate soft border, like a sea weed floating effect? haha that probably doesn’t help ;)


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