in step with Azzat

Every sixth Saturday I drive through to Sea Point for an appointment with Azzat A_____, probably Cape Town’s best-known podiatrist. Yesterday was lovely because the weather was cooler and the sky was grey, so lots of people seemed to have stayed home and the roads were relatively quiet.  Instead of parking close to Azzat’s building on Main Road, I took a spot down on Beach Road so that I could smell the sea and feel the breeze. I don’t know why I don’t visit the sea more often, living in Cape Town as I do, I thought to myself as I trotted up the road.  I was suddenly overwhelmed by the pungent and unmistakable stink of fetid seaweed.  Ah, right, that’s one reason.  What a pong.

I digress. Here is Azzat at the end of my feet, and here is me knitting while Azzat answers an urgent sms from a desperate patient with a chronic case of burst bunions or something similarly horrible. I am hoping that, with regular maintenance, bunions and ingrown toenails are afflictions I will be able to avoid down the line.    

I love my Azzat time. Not only does he restore my feet to rosy, satin-smooth perfection while I get in a few rows, he also chats away about the latest events in his life, none of which are ever even slightly dull.  His newest love is his 600cc Yamaha motorbike, which he has ached to own for years, but he can’t bring himself to tell his mother he’s bought it because she will worry too much about his safety.  Consequently, the bike lives under cover at his cousin’s house two blocks away, and he goes to see it every evening between 10 and 11.

To be continued…



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