I refuse to throw that away!

I wonder why I am always gripped by the urge to take an average and generally meaningless piece of rubbish and try and turn it into something useful or beautiful, or hopefully both?  Any guesses what this is? And what possible future it has in my life? Ha  

To be continued…





10 thoughts on “I refuse to throw that away!

  1. MadeByYoursTruly

    Is it the foam sealant from an old hoover or something? I think I’d probably cover it and make it into a little fabric pot/dish for earrings etc. What are you going to do with it?
    Hmm, just seen you’ve tagged it as ‘clay’. Now I’m totally thrown! :D

  2. Dawn

    it’s foam rubber – probably used in sewing to be covered with something? Like a rag doll’s neck or something like that?

  3. lyndellmaree

    I’d make it onto a crown that I could wear and see if it would work to get my hubby to make dinner for Her Majesty!


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