Kirstenbosch 22 April

Jam Tarts live and unplugged at Kirstenbosch Sunday 22 April!

What a full day – from getting up at the crack to made sandwiches and coffee and pack car and do last minute stuff, including rummaging for easels at the back of the garage (that’s easels, not weasels), to getting home at 3.30 worn out and hungry but very satisfied with our second guest appearance.

There were some memorable moments: Karen managed to get caught up in Anne’s flower bunting and almost throttled herself (I was laughing too much to help and the gazebo nearly collapsed as the more Karen tried to writhe her way out of the noose the more she dislodged the poles that the bunting was tied to); the gazebo I thought I had been so clever to get cheaply through gumtree turned out to have one foot missing and a broken pole – luckily Michael found us a nice fat twig which Rob then bound across the broken bit with sticky tape and pink ribbon; and then there was a bit of a to-do with the Nazis German women with the jewellery stand next to us.  They felt we were too close to them on their side but the Afrikaans couple on our left were protecting their own territory so we couldn’t shift too far in their direction either.  We managed to make allies of the Boers eventually, but the Germans remained hostile throughout.  It’s hard to be as neutral as the Swiss when you’re being actively targetted, but after their second surprise attack we were forced to retaliate and then they stayed in their bunker. 

We were visited by the lovely Catherine, who picked out an original button frame, and the gorgeous Reid who graciously succumbed to the pressure to buy his beautiful wife Adrian-Gail a frothy scarf.  (If you get a mention in my blog, your name will automatically be prefixed by a glowing adjective!)

I found the perfect peace sign pendant for Jane to wear to her hippy party this weekend, and Rob got me a rabbit decal for my car.  I have no idea who the girl in black is, she was just someone with a great sense of style walking past and I admired her necklace. 

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “Kirstenbosch 22 April

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      We did, thanks, it was really great. Can’t wait for the next one, but the end of May will be chilly in Cape Town so we’ll have to wrap up properly. I do have a photo of Anne cocooned in her camping chair swaddled in blankets and her hoodie up crocheting as fast as she could to keep her hands warm. She said she’d hit me if I posted it :( but it was really funny

  1. creative pixie

    Looks like you had a good day, I like the red crochet brooch that someone was wearing in a photo.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      That was Karen. I forced her to wear it, partly because it kept the shawl closed and partly to inspire other people to purchase one, or buy some other item and get a free one! It seemed to work a bit, but Karen isn’t really a flower person.


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