after a long weekend

First blog in days and days…! What with a very long weekend in South Africa (5 days, from Freedom Day to Workers’ Day with 1 working day in between that most people seemed to take off anyway), some freelance work, too much socialising and a throat infection, I haven’t managed to do much knitty crochety crafty stuff, but there is a bit to show…

These are the first two tassels I have made for my belly-dancing friend. I know she has them in her little paws although I haven’t seen her myself today, so I’m hoping the feedback is positive.  Even if they aren’t what she had in mind, I certainly enjoyed making them, and I can always use them to decorate something or other around the flat.

I also managed a bit of progress on my shell shawl:

I’ve wanted to make this shawl ever since I first found it on the internet, and am using Marble double knit because I have no idea what the equivalent would be to the Sausalito yarn that was used in the original pattern. It’s 100% acrylic, which actually suits me very well – the only natural fibre I can wear is cotton, anything with real wool in it makes me itchy and scratchy.

I seem to be going through a strong attraction to teal and turquoise and sea-green and aqua at the moment, I used to be much more pink and red! This Marble was quite cheap at R15,00 for a 50g ball, and I bought 6 instead of the 5 that was recommended, just in case. Nothing worse than running out of wool and then not being able to get the same dye-lot again.  I still have some really lovely bamboo and cotton blend from Vinni’s hand-dyed range and, when I get an idea of the finished product, I will also try it in that, if it doesn’t make it too heavy and drapey. I liked this shawl because it doesn’t have a deep V at the back, which makes a nice change.

And that’s it for the handy stuff. I am going to Johannesburg for three days, leaving Friday, so I must be sure to pack at least one crochet activity that will keep me occupied on the plane and then also during the in-between socialising bits. Maybe something with small squares to be joined together later.

To be continued…



5 thoughts on “after a long weekend

  1. tina

    Love the tassles! You can always throw them in my direction . . . how much, by the way, would you sell them for? Enjoy your Jo’burg trip, and, by the way, spiders are now gone till summer. They hibernate. The house is all quiet at night . . . no pitter-patter of tiny feet. tx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      well, so you say. I was thinking of coming to stay in Tulbagh to visit you one of these mid-weeks but thought a little b&b might protect me from the wildlife. I hope you wouldn’t be offended if I did that? x

  2. tgonzales


    I love the tassles and I think anyone would be very proud to own them.

    I also love the marble yarn that you have chosen to make your shawl out of and I love the shawl pattern. I can’t wait to see it completed.

    Have a wonderful trip this weekend and I hope you feel better real soon.

    Love and hugs,


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