A bit of a cop out

Today’s blog is a bit of a cop out because I haven’t done much in the last 24 hours except sleep and read (Small Island by Andrea Levy) – but I’m feeling much much better now, and have at least made lists of all the things I want to tackle next.

Top of the list is to work on all the bits of junk that I pick up in charity shops and junk shops and moving-on sales. I have these:

some sort of odd flower shaped board with a wooden butterfly and a beaded star wired onto the middle of it (?),


an old knocked-about table, a weird three-cornered shelf thing,

a wooden tray, a frame, a ceramic bowl , a hair band,

and this funny old stool, for which I have high hopes. (No pun intended).

To be continued…


6 thoughts on “A bit of a cop out

  1. tgonzales


    It looks like you have some fun things that you’ve found. I’m glad I’m not the only one who picks up odd things at sales. I want to see a round crocheted cover for that high hopes stool. :) Now I want to go home and look a some of the odd things that I’ve collected. Thanks for the inspiration and I’m so glad you’re feeling better.


    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Tamara, some of the odd things I pick up aren’t even at sales – I’ve been known to root stuff out of dustbins and slam on brakes if there is something interesting-looking on the side of the road. My word for it is “STUFF” !!!

      1. tgonzales

        Jill, I’m the same way and have had John stop the car or bring a bigger vehicle to me so that we can load it in. Oh my gosh we are kindred spirits. Have a great weekend. Love, Tamara

  2. Patch

    The stool screamed crocheted cover at me too!! But all of them look like they have lots of potential. Will be great seeing what you do with them.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I agree, crochet cover. I saw a beautiful one somewhere on the net and saved the pic, but I’m not clever enough to make up my own pattern, so will have to have a rootle around. I’m also going to limewash and sand the stool first, for a tattier look :)


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