Have a heart

Our local Ideas magazine is running a Creative Craft competition again this year. You can enter in any arty crafty category, and the deadline was nicely pitched far off into the future. Til June. June 12. Just 11 days away. From now.

Being organised, I compiled a list of possibilities, sublisted into Potential and Definite.  I duplicated the list so that one copy is on my fridge and the other is on the wall next to my pc in the spare room.  The list is also on my phone in the To Do section.

However, being a procrastinator, I never do today what I can put off til tomorrow. Consequently, only one item has so far been completed (and it is still drying), but I’m posting it nevertheless:


It’s a little hangy heart thing, made from a blank covered with shweshwe fabric, hardened and glossed with Podge, and decorated on both sides with a ceramic heart (made with airdrying clay in a chocolate mould) that has been painted, varnished and golded (gilded? engoldened?). It’s not going to change the world, but I’m pleased with it nevertheless, especially as I have mosaiced more hearts than anyone ever should, so it made a nice change to do something with paint and glue.

Right, Item #2 here we come.

To be continued…




4 thoughts on “Have a heart

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I thought so! I also have roses and leaves, but haven’t done anything with them yet. Just in case you want to try it yourself, you can also use normal clay that the potters would use; it’s nicer to work with than the other stuff, and if you let it set rock hard it be can podged and painted like anything else, since that makes it waterproof. So it also works for me with mosaicing.


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