A (s)light obsession

I’ve been busy with all things lampshade. I think the fixation started with the papery flowery experiment a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been fed by interest from an interiors gallery owner in Durban.

Experiment #1: shade made from crocheted doily found in charity shop for R10; soaked in a mixture of white glue and water, left to set over a bowl; installed the smallest bulb I could find at Northern Lights for R22 (yes, I know it won’t work tied on with a piece of string, I just wanted to see the effect!); not sure if beads are required.

Experiment #2: wire frame found in the same charity shop for R15; made up crochet pattern using two balls of Vinni’s hand-dyed cotton, fitting it to the frame for size every couple of rows; still going to add big fat flowers in purple and white.

Experiment #3: rice paper ball shade, 13 cm in height; crocheted cover using Vinni’s hand-dyed cotton in Natural, very very fiddly to fit and impossible to crochet directly over the ball (as one idea I found on the internet suggested). But ultimately quite successful and very cute, I thought.

To be continued…

14 thoughts on “A (s)light obsession

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks. Baby Ball turned out quite well but there’s room for improvement. I have just started with a slightly bigger one and this time I’m making notes as I go.

  1. tgonzales


    I love your ideas. They are very inspiring and adding flowers to the lampshade would be so-o-o-o-o-o cool. Thanks for sharing.


  2. rowena

    Oh no. Now I have to think of something to do with that lampshade frame I’ve been moving from one cupboard to the next for the last 5 years…..

  3. lyndellmaree

    They look great – I have a stash of doilies I have been hoarding to try something like this too – I love exp 1


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