Entry #2

I mentioned the other day that I had managed to finish one item for the creative crafty competition.  There are now only three days left but yesterday I finished the next item on my list, and pleased I am indeed.  It’s a mini mosaic mirror measuring 16 by 13 cm, with its own beautiful wire stand.

I have recently met Godfrey Chitembe, a wire artist who sets up his roadside shop behind Woolworths in Rondebosch. I’ll get a picture of him later this morning and post it because he makes really amazing things from wire and beads, and they deserve to be seen.  Anyway, I had this idea to make a little mosaic mirror that sits on its own stand and that is where Godfrey comes in. He made the perfect thing!

It is sufficiently sturdy to hold the mirror, but has a delicate, whimsical look about it.  This one is going to live on my dressing table.

Contrary to what my colleagues and friends might think from my behaviour, I actually love deadlines. As a very experienced procrastinator, having to work towards a deadline helps me focus on priorities and somehow it also generates new ideas. And effective shortcuts. Maybe that’s the lazy in me. I would most likely never accomplish a single thing without the imposition of a deadline.

Okay, Item #3 here we come.

To be continued…









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