Versatile bloggers!

I have been nominated by Janice at Needlearts and beyond for the Versatile Blogger award. How fabulous is that?! Thank you, Janice, you are very kind and I’m really pleased. I know my blog has some followers, obviously, but it’s great to know that there are many non-followers out there who tune in from time to time. 

Coincidentally, this is also my 100th post, a nice round number that I never imagined I would reach all those months ago when I finally summoned up the courage to start a blog.

So, to accept this award I need to tell you seven things about myself. (Presumably not anything too intimate and personal, or anything psychologically questionable that might make people think I am weird or have latent criminal tendencies?) (At the same time, do people really want to know what my favourite food is, or how many times I watched Casablanca?) Oh what the hell, enough overthinking. Here goes.

1.  I am an only child. I grew up desperately wanting a brother or a sister but as I got older, I realised there were lots of benefits. Some of my friends seem to go through hell with their siblings, not to mention deeply unpleasant Christmas gatherings, so I’m probably well out of it.

2.My favourite food is chocolate. And bacon. Bacon and chocolate. Yes.

3. Because I can’t allow myself to keep my kitchen stocked with chocolate and bacon, I am forced to eat a lot of muesli. I like to eat it late at night with Bulgarian yogurt and a bit of honey but, if I have no yogurt/honey, I put some in a bowl and take it to bed to eat (dry) while I read. This is why my bed is always full of muesli crumbs.

4. I am an avid reader. Mainly fiction, but also history. I have eclectic taste in writers – I reread Flannery O’Connor’s short stories often, but also enjoy South African crime fiction. I love Jane Austen and Imraan Coovadia and Fay Weldon. I have just finished reading The Hare with Amber Eyes, by Edmund de Waal.  

5. I have 26 garments/accessories in my wardrobe that still have the labels on. Too impulsive, me.

6. I drink more coffee than is good for me.

7. I love working with my hands – sewing, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, papier mache, painting, sanding wood, mosaicing. I wish I had a more vivid imagination and sense of outrageousness. 

And now I get to nominate fifteen blogs/bloggers who I think are great, and have inspired me in different ways to do different things. I have listed them in alphabetical order.

A Modern Christian Woman (wonderful food ideas)

A Year on the Make

Creations by Eve (and no, I’m not being funny, it’s all Greek to me, too, but  click on the Union Jack to read in English, it’s worth it, she has a stunning blog!)

Crochet with Raymond

Crochet with Tamara

Cute as a Button

Green Dragonfly

Made by Patch

Made by Yours Truly

Nice Things in my Life

Reading and Writing (Rowena’s was the first blog I ever read and followed, she has a unique take on seemingly ordinary things and throws in the occasional and informed book/play/film/exhibition review)

Sandy Mitchell Illustrations

Show Us Your Crafty Bits


And now I put the VBA logo on my sidebar. Ok, I’ll try and figure it out. After I get my coffee.

To be continued…


10 thoughts on “Versatile bloggers!

  1. rowena

    Thank you Jill! I hadn’t realised I was your first blog. What a responsibility! I am so pleased to have you as a regular reader and feel that we have established a real contact over the airwaves, and I really value that. Rowena

  2. Ickleed

    Thank you for my nomination. I didn’t realise that I had made it in South Africa! Very excited, I am glad that you are enjoying what I am up to…..I in turn have enjoyed looking at your work too.
    I will be putting up the nomination, but I’m not sure that I can nominate 15 other blogs; I’ll give it a go. Thanks again.

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