Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival 1

So my friend, Tina, who lives in Tulbagh and is one of the organisers of the annual Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival, tells me that Jam Tarts must get its act together and be part of the festivities in August.

Consequently, I have started jotting things down on the chalkboard on the wall closest to my front door, so I am reminded of what I must busy myself with for the next two months the instant I walk in the door.  Focus focus focus.

For those of you who don’t know, Tulbagh is a very beautiful small town in the fertile Tulbagh valley about an hour’s drive from Cape Town.  It is surrounded by mountains, has an amazing climate, and nearly all the buildings have been declared national monuments.  There are also a lot of peacocks, they can be seen in every garden and field and tree.  We visited Tulbagh a few months ago and spotted this handsome chap in Church Street showing off for the ladies:

The festival opens on the evening of Friday 24 August and then runs over the next two days. Tina is kind enough to let me have a little corner of her cottage to sleep in, but we will need to be extra tidy because she is opening it to the public during the day – an artist herself, her work is becoming quite well-known, not least for her exquisite miniatures.

I’m excited. I think it’s going to be a stunning weekend, what with all the spring flowers shooting out everywhere, new business for Jam Tarts, midnight feasts with old friends, and lots of wine laughs.

To be continued…




6 thoughts on “Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival 1

    1. Jill Goldberg

      Maybe you can visit? And in the meantime, we should talk mosaics some time. I love your designs, especially the rainbow colour one you sold. PS. You let it go too cheaply!!!

  1. tgonzales

    Oh my gosh I love peacocks, all those beautiful feathers. Aren’t they the birds that make the sound like a babies cry? I wish I could be there to join in the festivities, but it’s so far away. I’m afraid the travel costs would eat up my profits. :) Good luck! Hugs, Tamara

  2. Nice piece of work Post author

    Tamara, you’ve given me an interesting idea, thinking about peacock feathers (by the way, it’s supposed to be very unlucky if you keep them indoors). (But I’m not superstitious). I think I will make some mirrors in peacock colours – can be my “tulbagh range”, ha

    1. tina

      What a fine plan! I’d certainly love a peacock-coloured mirror – must mention I have a VERY funky one in my bathroom. @Tamara – the stands for this year are only R100 for the duration of the festival, which will hopefully not eat too much into anyone’s profits! Think about it.


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