And wire not?

I’ve mentioned Godfrey before. He’s the chap who makes beautiful things out of wire and beads, and sells them in Rondebosch on the pavement outside Woolworths. He works with Zenzo, and by now they have both got used to me popping up every now and then with a bit of wood or a sketch for a new idea, and asking them to see what they can come up.

This is what they did with my idea to attach wire around a little mosaic mirror, and then add curly bits.

Although it won’t work from the point of view of grouting (which gets done after the wire gets attached), I’m still fiddling with the edges because I love how it looks and it has a place waiting for it on Alex’s bedroom wall.

So, on to Creative Experiment #2.  The brief is to attach wire around the outer edges of the wood and then get a zig-zaggy thing going.  Hard to explain, but it’s  in my head and there’ll be no rest for me until I get what I want.

To be continued…






3 thoughts on “And wire not?

  1. tgonzales

    Oh Jill you have such beautiful ideas and I love hearing about all of them. Those curly-Q’s remind me of my brother Dean who passed away. He used to weld and bend metal to make lovely porch and stair railings. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Hugs, Tamara


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