disco dressing table

I am writing about a very personal issue today, which I’ve never touched on before. I know I run the risk of ridicule and pity, but I’m ready to accept that now.

I love disco balls.  I LOVE DISCO BALLS .

I found a whole shelf of them on sale yesterday in Clicks (R5.99 for six!), and am still wondering why I didn’t buy more than I did. Now I’ve turned my jewellery tree into a disco tree, so (a) need more disco balls, and (b) need another tree.

I find it’s terribly important to get one’s priorities right.

To be continued…






11 thoughts on “disco dressing table

  1. vardi

    thoroughly enjoy you!!! i really do! who else can make so many people smile at the start of the day!!!! thank you! enjoy them! – how brave were you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what a gorgeous disco tree!x

  2. Patch

    My Nanna used to say “I’ll cut your tail off”!!!! The head of our Students Union had a thing about disco balls too. He had some put up in the bar… They were forever known as Charlie’s Mirror Balls!!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I used to have a big one on my car’s rearview mirror. I thought it was a nice touch and good for my image, but my daughter eventually told me that it looked tacky. Now I have a pair of mini boxing gloves hanging there instead.

  3. Lisa V.

    I am sooo jealous of your balls ;) I have been searching for one to hang in my car. Tacky smacky ~ I say they’re FUN!

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