Finding Solveig

I have been searching for the perfect crochet flower pattern since the day I was born, and I do believe I found it this morning. As any crocheter will know, this is A Big Big Thing. I am neither clever nor patient enough to design my own, so I have to rely on the brilliance of others.  Enter Solveig.

She is Norwegian and crochets the most beautiful things and creates wonderful blogs and tutorials.  I can’t remember whose blog led me to hers, but thank you thank you thank you.

Currently nursing a broken toe, I feel perfectly justified in taking things easy at the moment. I am propped up in front of my pc with wool and hooks and coffee and camera (and, as it’s cold in Cape Town today, wrapped up in an old, tatty,  worn,  ripped-at-the-seams polar fleece dressing gown), and have attempted to follow Solveig’s tutorial.  My first effort is pretty bad:

The petals are skew and I think I’ve managed to crochet on the wrong side of the first ones, and also I don’t know how to do a magic loop and can’t be bothered to learn. So I am being stupid and impatient and rushing it. I want to make a million Solveig flowers and I want them now.

To be continued…





5 thoughts on “Finding Solveig

  1. Patch

    Oh noooo, poor you. How did you break your toe?? Or should I not ask? I am sporting a nice iPad injury today. Was reading on my kindle app in bed last night and the iPad slipped and fell forward landing on my lip, ouch. I have a couple of nice cuts on my lip now! I hadn’t even nodded off either! Flower looks good, I tried a double one one time and managed to get it all back to front too – I think it’s a common problem lol!! Magic loop is soooooo easy – just wrap the yarn around your finger then put your hook through and pull the yarn through and continue from there. When you have finished your first round of stitches you pull on the end of the loop that was round your finger to tighten it and darn it in. At least that’s how I’ve been doing it – it could be wrong lol!! Leave plenty for darning in so you don’t have disasters like me ;) Hope your toe is better soon.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks for that, will try magic loop this evening. I have to learn to stop trying to rush things and take them slowly.
      I wish I could say I broke my toe doing something exotic or adventurous, but all I did was catch it on the leg of the wrought-iron table in my lounge. It is actually a dark grey colour now, and the bruise goes right up the side almost to the ankle….:(
      Last year I broke my foot (also the left one) by tripping on a sticky-up bit of pavement, and last week my mother slipped on a tiled floor and broke her hip! It’s just rotten luck.
      Sorry to hear about your lip – it sounds horrible, actually, especially as you must have got a nasty shock.

  2. Patch

    Your foot sounds much worse than my lip. Good excuse to sit with your feet up with tea and crochet :)

    I tend to rush things too, it’s just so exciting and I can’t wait to finish!! I would have thought I would have learned after all this time but no… I still do it. Lost cause!!


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