Hello, Olly

For various reasons (the details of which I will not bore you with), my mind today has been in a state of chaos and anxiety.  I feel like I am not in control of anything right now.  I know that I won’t always feel like this and, in fact things might improve within the next hour or two (one never knows!),  but writing this blog helps.  And all through this difficult morning, of all absurd things, I couldn’t get the idea of pipe cleaner dolls out of my mind.  I found out about them from Maryanne’s Woolhogs blog, right here: Rainbow kids

And so I sat myself down a few minutes ago with the required materials in front of me.  And now we have…Olly.

Olly is unicolour rather than rainbow, and he has a bit of a hair problem, but he was indeed quick and easy to make.  And if making Olly is the only thing I manage to accomplish today, then so be it.  I’ll just have to go with the flow.

To be continued…



15 thoughts on “Hello, Olly

  1. rowena

    My sister and I used to make things just like that when we were children, but I’ve not thought about it for years! Looks like good therapy.

  2. Patch

    Love his mad hair!!! I have been at odds with myself today… knowing I have lots to do but not doing any of it. Head in the wrong place… and not sure where!! I have no reason for it – just that way out today! Hopefully things will improve for us both very soon.

  3. yarnchic40

    After seeing Olly I nearly bought pipe cleaners at the craft store today :) I resisted the urge, but went violently off my self-induced yarn diet, and also made a side trip through the felt and 10 (or so) brightly colored sheets later had to force myself not to make a pipe cleaner detour as well. Love that hair! Maybe I’ll stop by the store at lunch tomorrow after all…

      1. yarnchic40

        By the time I hit the reply button I had already made up my mind to buy the darn pipe cleaners to add to my crafty chaos. Olly and those rainbow kids are all just too cute to pass up making 1 or 12 of them for the munchkins in my life.

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