Woolhogs Made It Challenge

This challenge is an excellent idea from a clever fellow Capetonian crafter/ blogger: woolhogs! Yay, proudly South African! (Vuvuzelas, please!)

My entry is a little knitted bag. I call it The Little Knitted Bag.

I used:  super chunky yarn and size 7.5mm knitting needles. I can’t remember what the wool is called, there was a single ball left in Roger’s shop and he said he wasn’t going to order any more so I can’t ask him either.  I just know it was imported, but any nice chunky yarn will work.

I cast on 50 sts and worked 40 rows stocking stitch; cast off.  I made sure to leave enough wool to use for the strap.

With right sides together, fold the rectangle in half and stitch up along the side and bottom seams. Turn right side out.

Find a suitable piece of fabric for the lining.  I used a medium-weight velour-type material in crimson.  Cut two pieces a bit bigger than the bag; sew the two pieces along three seams, right sides together.

Don’t turn the lining inside out. Fold the top over (see above) and insert into bag, and pin into place at the top.  Stitch by hand.

I made a cord using the leftover wool from the bag and some other crimson wool and a length of silver chain to make it a bit more substantial. I cut lengths of 140cm and made a plait, and just knotted each end (instant tassel!)  Sew each end to the sides of the bag, and add a big press-stud for closing (optional).

Also optional – find or make something to stick on the front for extra oomph.


Voilà –  the Little Knitted Bag. Très facile et très jolie.   French? What the hell?  I’d forgotten the whole Proudly South African thing.  Ok, here it is in Xhosa –  kakhulu khaphukhaphu, kakhulu lekker.  And in Afrikaans – baie maklik, baie mooi.

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “Woolhogs Made It Challenge

      1. Maryanne

        Yay, and thank for inspiring me to knit again too! Ps, I have a techno fear myself….if you have any more problems, let me know!

  1. Patch

    I’m trying but my problem is Little J is fed up and needing lots of entertaining so when I try to get on with anything I have to stop and play. Its very frustrating all round. Roll on September and full time school! But what on earth am I going to do with the pair of them next week when the holidays start!!! :s

    1. Nice piece of work

      Much patience is required when it comes to small children. I never found it easy myself, having big demands made on my time. I was probably a pretty selfish parent in that way. But whatever. We just all do the best we can. I am sure you have loads of patience and give as much time as possible to your children. I found organising playdates with other children worked well, even when the other child/ren are at your house, they’ll stay out of your hair. At least, that’s the theory!

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