Open Day #2

Attention please! Aandag asseblief!

Jam Tarts is partnering with Gift Gardens to bring you an Open Day you will never forget!

I wrote about GiftGardens recently, the “growing” business that Mary Berry and Jane Butters started. They have a stunning range of plants, bonsai and garden goodies that will blow your mind. Check out their “blooming” website.


I also wrote about Jane’s house recently. This is the venue for the Open Day. We have made a list of all the things that Jane’s husband Craig needs to attend to, to ensure that everything is perfect for us (front garden – weed; front door – fix the scratch marks that the dog made; entrance hall – polish the tiles; etc.) Maybe we can also get him to bake us some treats…?!

Diarise the date now – Saturday 4 August 2012 – and I’ll continue with reminders and more information between now and then.

To be continued…



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