and yet more lampshades

I took delivery of 10 stunning handmade wire lampshades from Zenzo yesterday.  I hope you can see from my pic how beautifully he has made them:

They are strong and sturdy and so much nicer than the factory-manufactured stuff.  I am determined to have all ten ready for our Open Day on 4 August, determined I tell you.

To be continued…



3 thoughts on “and yet more lampshades

  1. tgonzales


    You are making me want to go rescue those lampshades that I saw a couple of weekends ago at the Thrift shop. You are amazing and very smart to have your friend make you some really nice ones so that all your hard work at crocheting will last so much longer than with the cheap lampshades. Thanks so much for sharing. Here’s wishing you a wonderful sale.


    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      You say the nicest things.
      If I can get this little sideline off the ground, then Zenzo will benefit as well. His life as an informal trader is risky at the best of times. He and Godfrey make really lovely things, and very well, and neither of them has any design training. They are originally from a country a bit north of here, and send as much money home to their families as they can. It makes me realise, for the millionth time, how very fortunate I am.


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