Flowers and just one last lampshade

Isn’t it fabulous when things fall snugly into place? I heard about a book of crocheted flowers from a friend on facebook 5 days ago, I immediately ordered the book from Loot online, and on Thursday I had a note from the post office to say it was ready and waiting. Guess what I’ve been busy doing?…

Jan Ollis’s daisy pattern was perfect for my latest lampshade. And I promise this will be the last one I tell you about for a while, I’m sure you are getting sick of them!

Lampshade frame = R20 from Milnerton market — what a score!  I used 2 x 50g Vinni’s pure cotton in Natural and a bit of left-over sea-green for the flowers. Contrary to my own expectations, I am now perfectly comfortable crocheting directly onto a frame!!! Nifty tip = I spraypainted my frame with metallic copper first, it just gives a nice colour on the bits of metal that remain visible.

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “Flowers and just one last lampshade

  1. vardi

    please dont promise that this is the last one – they are absolutely beautiful! really love this one! – and what a very good idea to paint the frame! – i want to see them all!x

  2. Patch

    Hardly getting a minute to myself but the weather has been ok so far which is a blessing. Think the boys are acclimatising to being off now too. Had a lovely day on Friday with visit to library, park, an ice cream, then football, tig and sitting on rugs in the garden to read and colour and enjoy our library books. Have got ideas for blog posts but no time to write them!!


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