Gold medallists: Cameron, Chad and Lisa

It’s hard to believe we’re in August already. Time sure whizzes along – just like our phenomenal South African gold medallists, Cameron van der Burgh and Chad le Clos. (The only Chad who has a permanent place in my heart is, of course, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, but today we celebrate the swimmers, ok?)

I can post again because last night I put the finishing touches to the first draft of the Jam Tarts website. It will be up later today. It’s a work in progress but, for now, it at least means we have an internet presence. (Who knew that kind of thing was such flipping time-consuming work?)

And, in other news, yesterday I collected an unanticipated parcel from the post office. I managed to control myself and not rip it open in front of the post office teller like a rabid 4-year old.

Turns out to be a gift from my Virtual Friend Lisa G—– way over in Iowa in the US of A, who deserves a gold medal herself for wonderfulness. She made me very happy, and I will treasure those crochet hooks and bookmark forever. As you see, the bookmark was immediately put to use: I am reading Imraan Coovadia’s third novel, Green-Eyed Thieves (having read his other three in no particular order). For those of you interested in South African literature, the psychology of twins and white-collar crime, and the traction between individual consciousness and external reality, this is for you. He is also very very funny. Coovadia deserves his own gold medal. But not as much as Lisa :-)

As usual, I’ve gone off the track. I’m going to end off with something Lisa herself said, about blogging and crafting and, ultimately, about life itself: “It really IS all about the crafting and the fun and the joy of giving and the making new friends with similar interests.” You’re right, and thank you again.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Gold medallists: Cameron, Chad and Lisa

  1. rowena

    All the emotion from Chad Le Clos was touching. The BBC loved his Dad – went and fished him out of the crowd and had him in the studio and he was so excited and babbling with pride. (Yep, not only am I going to events, I’m watching it on the tellybox!)

  2. Patch

    Ooooo lovely presents. Well done on the website. Now it’s up and running you can work on it at a more leisurely pace. I didn’t see Chad but I heard them talking about it on the radio earlier… No doubt I will catch it at some point later in the day. Mr P has been watching the volleyball and basketball until late. So much has been very exciting.

  3. tgonzales


    O-O-O-O I love all the goodies you received from the USA. I especially love that little crocheted flower bookmark. Those would be fun to make to have in a sale. Thanks for sharing.



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