raspberry shade

It occurred to me that a smaller paper pendant light (yes, I’m still obsessed) might also work as a fixed lampshade, with a bit of wire adjustment. Zenzo fiddled around with the metal expander and I fiddled around with some of Vinni’s cotton in raspberry – and now I have this:

There is a huge cold front about to hit us here in the western Cape, so I think I’d better stock up on groceries and dvds then get home quick and batten down the hatches. Crochet time!

PS. I’m trying out a new WordPress theme, Origin. I’m not convinced it’s for me but I’m going to play around with it for a bit.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “raspberry shade

  1. myweeklywine

    I like the new theme, but it is quite bare on top. Can you not put a strip of pictures or one long picture in header? Probably not, else you probably would have.
    Nice though. Clean and neat. I like the white middle with background pic a lot.


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