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I thought I would have a nice break after our Open Day and before the Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival. I would get so much done. I would sort out my work room and have my car serviced and maybe even see a movie during the day. Now it’s almost time to prepare and pack for Tulbagh and I have done none of the aforementioned. But I have been busy…

I finished and delivered an order for three light fittings yesterday, for a person in my life who has only ever been supportive and kind and thoughtful. One of the fittings was for (what we now call) a Moomflower, the first one that was no longer experimental (i.e. doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, I can stick it in the spare room where no-one will see it.) Alison asked for maroon, red, grey and a tiny bit of yellow so it would complement the colours of her bedroom.

I wasn’t sure about the yellow flowers so I tried to minimise that sharpness of colour with a bit of maroon ribbon. A says she is delighted, but if she changes her mind about the yellow it’s easy enough to remove and replace them. The other two fittings were crocheted in Vinni’s 100% cotton in natural, just such a wonderful yarn to work with.

Thanks to Rachell in her Little Room somewhere in the UK, I am excited to be participating in a CROCHET-ALONG, have never done one before. I have ordered my copy of Jan Eaton’s book from Loot, and have voted for a theme, and feel like I’ve made it as a Serious Crochet Person :-) or should I say, a person Serious about Crochet?

So serious, in fact, that I have allowed myself to be talked into teaching someone how to crochet. Avril is a relatively new friend, and every now and then she sends me a photo from her phone of something she sees that makes her think of me – a flowery cushion in a shop window, a crochet book on sale, a sports car. Okay, not the sports car – just checking that you are concentrating here. Anyway, we are going to have a tutorial on Sunday, and I think we’ll start with a granny square. That’s what I started with, a million years ago, teaching myself from a library book on basic crochet.

In other news, I have a meeting to attend this afternoon and recklessly volunteered to contribute a plate of something edible for the tea afterwards. I’m going to try Stephanie’s recipe for Flourless Fat-free Chocolate Cookies, seems simple enough that even I can’t mess it up!

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “This and that

  1. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    I love the light fittings and I can’t wait to hear how the crochet teaching goes. I think you will love it, it give you such a good feeling to spread the love of crochet. Thanks for sharing you.


  2. Maryanne

    You have been a busy busy lady…LOVE LOVE LOVE your lampshades, they are stunning! Good luck with the lesson on Sun!!! We also have one on Sat (got to get those nerves in check). ps, how did the cookies turn out?

  3. craftytrog

    Lovely lampshades Jill! Are those cake cases?!
    Good luck with Sunday’s tute! I was making granny squares & flowers last week, whilst watching the Olympics….I think you have inspired me lately to pick up my hook & yarn! Makes a clean change from ink & paint! ;o)
    Alison xxx

    1. Nice piece of work

      They are indeed cupcake cases!!! I found the idea somewhere else and blogged about it here – giving credit to the original bright spark!!! You will note that the over-the-top flower and ribbon bits are my (optional) extra. heh
      Nice about the crochet. What are you going to make with your squares, a blanket?

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