A short look at Long Street

After spending time with Avril on Sunday morning, who didn’t really need a crochet lesson as such because she picked it up like a natural, I decided to stop off in Long Street and check out the market at Zula Bar that Alex had told me about. It was very cute and very small and far too offbeat for the Jam Tarts line of baby blankets and mosaic mirrors, but I got some great pics in and around the place:

You know me – I was particularly interested in the whacky light fittings on the Royale balcony, and then that lovely Indiany one with triangles and shisha mirrors.

There are some extraordinary old buildings in that part of Cape Town, dating back to the early 1800s. Now if this was Joburg, they would have yanked them all down already and built a couple of malls, but one thing I love about Cape Town is that they really do try and hang on to the old stuff – even if it does get muralled and funked up and steampunked!

Avril sent me a photo at about 10h30 last night – she had continued with the granny square that I had started her off on, until she had no more wool left. I think we have a new crochet freak on our hands :-)

To be continued…


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