My work here is done

I’d spent a bit of time with Avril last weekend, getting her going on crocheting granny squares.  We met for coffee on Wednesday afternoon and I followed her to her car afterwards so she could get her work basket out of the boot and show me her progress:

She’s going to make her squares into a blanket for a colleague’s new baby, and is very pleased with her colours and progress so far.  She’s got crochet books on order, and has checked out her local wool shop (Orion, in Gardens).

So, yeah, another one converted!  One down, three hundred million to go.

To be continued…


8 thoughts on “My work here is done

  1. tgonzales


    It sounds like you’re pretty proud of Avril? As you should be; it’s very rewarding to know that you helped someone learn a fun way to be creative for a lifetime. Avril’s granny squares are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.



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