Hard lessons

I have learnt a couple of lessons the hard way, this past weekend.

#1  If a cat grows too fat to squeeze itself through the window with the burglar bars that its owner always leaves open, it will poo in its owner’s bedroom. The cat will be annoyed that things have come to this, and so chooses a spot that takes the owner a gaggingly long time to locate.

#2  If you have an email address at work that you have used for over 7 years, then leave your job and use only your personal gmail address, you should remember to ask the IT people to put an automatic forward on the ex-address. This way, you won’t miss really important mails, such as the one from the organiser of the annual Heritage Day Market to invite you to this year’s event.

#3  If you forget to carry two charged batteries as back-up in your bag, your camera will die when the opportunity arises to take an incredible photo.  It may not be the image that makes you famous, but you at least wanted to record  it for personal posterity. You can never get that moment back.

To be continued…

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